Why You Need to Wear a Night Guard – Our Guide

Why You Need to Wear a Night Guard – Our Guide

A night guard is a transparent, thin device that you wear over the biting surface of the teeth when you are asleep. Night guards are also known as dental or mouth guards, and they work by acting as a barrier between your teeth. When you wear it to sleep, it will help relieve tension and give cushion to the muscles in the jaw. On top of that, the device can also help protect the enamel of your teeth.  

When you are considering getting night guards, it is best to opt for those prepared by your dentists instead of getting something over-the-counter. This is because OTC options are not custom fit and are not made of the highest quality, which can end up hurting your teeth. 

How a Night Guard Can Improve Your Health

Tension headaches are often the result of bruxism, which is often associated with teeth clenching and grinding. If you wake up with a headache, there is a chance that bruxism is the cause of it. With a night guard, it can help prevent your teeth clenching at night, which will make you feel so much better when you wake up in the morning. 

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorder also affects the muscles that you use to chew as well as the joints that connect the jaw and skull. There are so many causes behind TMJ, and one of them is bruxism. The pressure from teeth clenching or grinding can easily impact your mouth’s and jaw’s structures. 

If you have teeth wear, the teeth will be more prone to cavities and other dental issues. This is why wearing a night guard can help protect the teeth that have lost its enamel. 

Bruxism is a possible reason behind tooth pain as well, especially if you experience it with no cavities. Aside from this, cracks on your tooth or crowns may be due to clenching and grinding. 

How to Adjust to Night Guards

Keep in mind that wearing this device for the first time requires an adjustment period. The first night will be uncomfortable, which is why it is best that you choose the thinnest possible guard that suits your teeth’s structure. The adjustment period will typically last for about four to six weeks, and you will get used to it so that you can even seamlessly fit it into your nighttime routine. 

Make sure to put it just before you go to sleep. Don’t put it when you’re not yet ready to go to bed because it will feel bothersome. 


Night guards are essential devices for people who suffer from bruxism. This condition has many uncomfortable side effects, especially upon waking up in the morning. Nobody wants to wake up in the morning with a troubling headache or their face hurting from all that teeth clenching or grinding the night before. 

With a night guard, you get to protect your teeth and your health. Instead of getting OTC options, it’s highly advisable that you go to your dentist to find the right fit that you will feel more comfortable wearing. 

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