Nutrition, Fitness and Your Oral Health

Nutrition, Fitness and Your Oral Health

Nutrition, Fitness and Your Oral Health

A healthy immune system starts with good eating habits on daily basis and exercise. During these times of uncertainty, one thing is certain, we all need to improve our lifestyles. There are 4 simple steps we can take to ensure our immune system is prepared to battle through any and virus, it is as follows:

Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh food items like fruits and vegetables contain lots of good nutrients like vitaminsand mineralswhich are essential to maintaining a healthy body. These foods also contain good amounts of fiber which is essential for everyone to have on a daily basis! Vegetables like spinach and kale are also a wonderful choice. They are rich in calcium and vitamin C, which helps too battle gum disease which is essential for your oral health and also reduce inflammation. Calcium strengthens tooth enamel and your bones as well. Start to incorporate greens in your everyday routine with a fresh salad, or add them to a sandwich, or blend them into smoothies or soups.

Drink Lots of Water

In times like these where we are trapped indoors, it is very easy for us to start filling our bodies with snacks and sugar filled drinks. It is essential for us to drink as much water as we can so that we limit our daily intake of excess sugar. It is always better to have natural sugar substitutes, or no sugar added juices but it’s even better if we can substitute all of that with water. It is also very important for you to focus on brushing properly and consistent flossing habits. Fluoridated water helps to maintain your oral health as it makes your teeth more resistant to cavities which can come up through acid attacks.  By drinking a lot of water your mouth consistently is flushed which reduces bacteria, acid, and food particles between your gums and teeth. A gallon of water a day keeps the dentist happily away.

Include Protein & Dairy

Did you know that lean protein is rich in phosphorus which help strengthen teeth! We all want to be able to live a fulfilling life, so we have to ensure our habits support the lifestyle we hope to live! Meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs are all good proteins to consume. Additionally, Dairy products such as cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese are high in calcium. Nuts, beans, and seeds are other protein options that contain vital minerals and have healthy fiber as well. By regularly consuming protein Booty & Dairy,Dental issues which cause pain, discomfort, or embarrassment are rare to occur. With great nutritional eating habits, you can improve your oral and overall health as well.By following a healthy diet, practicing good oral hygiene, visiting the dentist (Once Corona is Behind us) as regularly as you possibly can, you’ll be on your way to live your best life yet. If you have any dental concerns, feel free to address them with Doctor Nasser at the Markham Family Dentistry today!

Reduce Sugar Intake

There is nothing harder than reducing the amount of sugar you consume on a daily basis. Sugar is actually one of the top causes of dental problems for everyone. Sugar causes dental decay and painful cavities to arise. For the health of your teeth and your body, it is important for you to limit your sugar intake as much as you can throughout the week. Try to read nutrition labels when going fir grocery shopping so you’re more aware of the sugar you consume and also to watch out for the different types of added sugar in various products. When snacking, it is very important for you try to eat sugar free snacks and avoid sticky sweets as much as you can. If you choose to eat sweets then plan to do so while you consume a regular meal, it is very important for you to balance your macros! Chewing fibrous vegetables and sugar free gum can also help clean your mouth until you can brush your teeth if you ever need to do so.

The point that this article is for all patients at Doctor Nasser’s Dental Clinic in Markham are aware of the healthy choices they can incorporate in their everyday lifestyle to make the best of tomorrow. By starting to implement these good habits today, you will start improving your oral health right away. If you need any advice in terms of dental or medical opinion surrounding COVID-19 please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you!