Five Types Of Tooth Replacement Methods For A Healthier Smile

Five Types Of Tooth Replacement Methods For A Healthier Smile

Teeth are an integral element of our bodies, and there may be times we forget about them or trivialize their existence. They allow us to enjoy our favourite foods, speak comfortably, show a bright smile, and so many other things. Having teeth missing does not look pleasing, and can often be even more uncomfortable to those who have them either chipped or knocked out or if they just fell off. When we were kids, losing a tooth was fun because we knew the tooth fairy was coming to get it and that we’d grow it back even stronger. As adults, we know that a tooth isn’t growing back, so this is where we seek dental assistance to remove and replace damaged teeth to ensure proper functions and speech.

Certain cases will require consultations from multiple specialists, such as a general dentist, a prosthodontist for tooth restoration or replacement, an oral surgeon, and periodontists. The tests they will run will help determine the best options you have for tooth replacement based on the situation, budget, and overall dental health. Here are some of the tooth replacement options available on the market:

Dental Implants

These are a popular option when it comes to needing to replace teeth, whether it be a few teeth, a whole set, or a single tooth. They create a foundation for fixed or removable teeth that is extremely strong and matches your natural dental shape. Using titanium posts to replace tooth roots to secure replacement sets in place, this is a very sturdy option for teeth replacement. 

The benefits of these are that they look and function like a natural tooth, are extremely durable with proper care, stability, and preservation of bone and bone tissue. You can also conduct regular maintenance such as brushing your teeth and flossing, which make them easy to clean.

Fixed Bonded Bridges

This is used to fill gaps between teeth. They are held in place by abutment teeth on either side of the gap, which is bonded together using a framework of metal or porcelain at the back. Fixed bonded bridges can only be done if natural teeth are existent on either side of the gap. These are a great option because they are less expensive than implants and they feel like natural teeth without the need to remove them to clean or eat.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are sturdier than their traditional counterparts because of their implants for retention instead of adhesives to retain their place. The support of this kind of implant allows dental fixtures to be shaped into a horseshoe shape, reducing bulkiness, which gives more space for the tongue to move around and taste food. They are sturdier and normally do not require adhesives, are very affordable for what they look like, they maintain and clean the denture, as well as preserving bone, gum tissues, and muscles.\

Full-Arch Implants

Also referred to as implant bridges, these all-on-four implants are less likely to loosen up over time and are a fixed option. Preserving bones and muscle tone, these implants allow confident eating and talking due to looking extremely close to natural teeth and being the least bulky choice for a tooth replacement. 

Removable Dentures

Traditional forms were bulky and caused bone shrinkage over time, but this denture is the most affordable option and the treatment is non-invasive and quick. However, it can loosen up, making talking and eating difficult when this happens. Oral hygiene is easy to maintain, but you may have to limit your diet by cutting out essential fruits and vegetables. 


Your teeth are invaluable and are a big part of what makes life so easy. While you feel like your teeth are strong and can last long, some instances will require you to have them replaced as soon as possible. Keep your smile sharp and your food adventures seamless with a good set of replacement teeth. Always remember to consult your dentist before doing anything to your teeth!

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