Straighter Smile: 3 Popular Types Of Braces You Can Choose

Straighter Smile: 3 Popular Types Of Braces You Can Choose

Teenagers and adults alike struggle with crooked teeth, awkward gaps, and misaligned bites, most of which get in the way of achieving the dream of having a picture-perfect smile.  Beyond hurting one’s self-esteem, these dental problems can also impact your well-being as it makes you susceptible to tooth decay, impact speech, and make chewing more difficult. 

Fortunately, people have more options to straighten their smiles now as there are various orthodontic treatments available. While most have the same end-goal, the ideal choice largely depends on what suits your needs the mosts. Many put the appearance of braces at the forefront, while others decide based on how it affects their life. 

With that in mind, we’re here to give you a rundown of the most popular types of braces to help push you in the right direction in your journey: 

1. Metal Braces

The most common type of braces, it’s a go-to choice across the world and has been the standard in the industry for over 100 years. It uses small brackets that attach itself directly to your teeth, while tiny, colorful rubber bands secure it all together. 

It’s the most traditional route, but it saw improvements through the years as the high-grade, stainless steel wire and metal brackets are made significantly smaller and lighter. It’s a popular option that can get the job done for children and adults alike, though the metal frame and rubber may find it unsightly. 

2. Ceramic Braces

One of the newest contenders that are skyrocketing in popularity is ceramic braces. It works the same way as metal braces, but it typically comes in porcelain colors for both the rubber and wire. This means that it is barely visible compared to the darker colored metal braces, making it a more aesthetically pleasing option for those who prefer a whiter smile. 

3. Clear And Removable Aligners 

Taking the industry by storm with its flexibility, extreme comfort, and non-invasive appearance, removable aligners like Invisalign are steadily rising as one of the best options in the market. It uses a clear plastic aligner that is tailored to fit your teeth, but the best part is that you can remove it whenever you need to eat or clean. 

It’s a gamechanger for everyone since it does not impede your daily routine, not to mention the clear trays are perfect for those who prefer to keep a porcelain smile. The only drawback is that Invisalign is only effective in treating mild misalignments, but you may need to look at other options when it comes to severe orthopedic problems that involve your bite. 

The Bottom Line: Finding The Ideal Braces That Are Best For You 

Whether you have mild gaps to severe misalignments, getting dental braces is the most effective solution that can ensure you achieve a perfect smile. 

Finding the right dentist to straighten your smile isn’t a decision you can do in a whim, especially since many orthodontic treatments take years to complete the process. It can be a long and winding journey, but the right orthodontist will ensure you achieve a brighter smile in the end. 

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