Children’s Dentistry: Preparing Kids For Their First Visit—A Guide

Children’s Dentistry: Preparing Kids For Their First Visit—A Guide

Bringing your child to the dentist for the first time can be challenging because you don’t know what to expect from them or how they will react. It’s essential to keep in mind that while a kid’s dentist will try their best to make the experience safe and calming, it will still depend on how you prepare them beforehand.

To practice your child’s visit to the dentist, you need to make sure they won’t be scared of the idea first. Aside from reminding them that it’s necessary to see the dentist, you need to encourage your children and let them know everything will be okay throughout the session.

If you want to find out how to help your children go through their first visit to the dentist, keep on reading below.

Don’t Wait Until They’re Older

It’s important to avoid waiting until your kids are older before you bring them to the dentist because oral problems can be detected as early as their first year. After their initial visit, you should strive to bring them in for check-ups and necessary procedures, like teeth cleaning, at least twice a year.

These regular visits to the dentist will give them healthy oral hygiene and help them get used to going to the dentist. Instead of taking a trip to the clinic only when they have a toothache, having your children undergo frequent tooth counts and cleaning can lessen their fear.

Make the Most Out of Their Good Mood

To successfully bring your kid to a dentistry practice for children, make sure they’re in a good mood and aren’t throwing any tantrums on the day of your scheduled visit. Dedicating hours for playtime, naps, and feeding them with delicious meals is crucial as well.

Kids who don’t get enough sleep, aren’t enjoying themselves, and haven’t been fed properly on the day leading up to their appointment are most likely to give you a hard time. Instead of cooperating, they will cry and start a fit, stopping you from bringing them to the dentist. 

Assure Them of the Experience

To help your child avoid thinking of fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions every time the thought of going to the dentist is brought up, assure them that the experience will be fun and exciting and ultimately good for their health.

Instead of promising them that it won’t hurt or they won’t feel a thing, let them know that it will be fast and easy, and over before they know it. You could even reward your kids with a toy or their favourite food after each visit so they will look forward to going to the dentist. 

Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

Before your child’s first visit to the dentist, you can already teach them how to brush their teeth as soon as they start growing their baby teeth. You can hand them a toothbrush and some kid-friendly toothpaste and guide them along the way.

Knowing they can already take care of their teeth on their own can get your kid ready for the dentist because they already know what to expect. It will calm their minds because the procedure isn’t entirely unknown to them anymore.

Educate Them About Dental Health

Your child might not know the importance of going to a dentistry office—that’s why it’s your job to educate them on why it’s significant, especially because they need to maintain a good oral routine. It would also help if you let them know that their oral health leads to an overall good health!

As such, it’s necessary to start them young and encourage dental visits at an early age. Not only will they learn how to keep their teeth clean, but they will also remain healthy and strong as they grow older.


A child’s first visit to the dentist may provoke unwanted emotions, but you can help eliminate them by proving that there’s nothing to worry about. Try not to overwhelm them as you teach them the importance of taking care of their teeth and maintaining good oral practice. The dentist will also help you make things easier as soon as your child undergoes their first check-up. 

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