What to Know About Removing Wisdom Teeth Later in Life

What to Know About Removing Wisdom Teeth Later in Life

Some people are lucky to have wisdom teeth that don’t come with any complications, but not many are as fortunate. Plenty of individuals have had to go through wisdom tooth extraction to address abnormal growth or recurring pain.

If you are uncertain about the best solution for you and your wisdom teeth, this article can serve as your guide. We will talk about the implications of the procedure, how it might affect your life, and the risks of not going through with it, even if there is an apparent need for it.

Removing wisdom teeth early in life vs. later on

Many dentists recommend that this wisdom tooth removal is done earlier in life because the whole procedure is much simpler then. For instance, people between the age of fifteen to twenty-five have jaws that are not yet fully developed. Their wisdom teeth and surrounding nerves are not yet fully formed, which means removal is easier and less risky. Recover is also relatively quicker.

However, this does not mean that those over this age cannot get their wisdom teeth removed. It is never too late to remove wisdom teeth. And more often than not, it is a good idea to have them extracted. However, extra care has to be observed during and after the procedure to ensure full and effective recovery.

During and Post-extraction care tips

Proper care must continue during the recovery stage to minimize the risk of infection. If you are not careful, your gums might swell, leading to jaw pain and other symptoms. This can be more apparent with older individuals.

Anyone planning to get their wisdom teeth removed should start by picking a professional and qualified oral surgeon. Doing so ensures minimal damage to the mouth during the procedure, making it far easier for individuals to recover.

Post-extraction, one can easily ensure the operated area heals effectively by fully disclosing their medical history. Doing so is important because this information can allow the surgeon to understand what they can and cannot prescribe.

The risk of not removing wisdom teeth

While we mentioned that not everyone faces complications with their wisdom teeth, those who do are at risk of different problems. For instance, a wisdom tooth can get impacted, causing other teeth to be crowded. This also causes the wisdom tooth to erupt abnormally, causing further complications, such as difficulty cleaning.

With the inability to thoroughly clean and care for the wisdom tooth, many other issues can take hold. For example, an infection can occur, leading to bad breath, jaw swelling, bleeding gums, and more.


While it is recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed before the age of twenty-five, it is never too late to do so. However, extra care will be needed if you are older, and you need to remember to pick the right oral surgeon to perform the procedure.

With the help of a certified oral surgeon, you can get the operation done quickly and effectively. At the same time, you also ensure complete recovery!

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