Dental Fillings: What Are Your Options?

Dental Fillings: What Are Your Options?

The tooth cavity is one of the most common forms of dental health problems, plaguing the smiles of children, teenagers, adults, to senior citizens alike. Spotting the red flags should help mitigate the problem from doing extensive damages to your teeth, but it’s easy to let it slip until the decay worsens. 

Once the cavity reaches the deeper layers of your pearls, dentists will likely suggest restoring the affected tooth by removing the infected material and using dental fillings to bridge the gaps. It’s a popular dental treatment that uses custom filling to make your teeth look good as new, though it can also be an excellent option for repairing cracked teeth or for cosmetic purposes. 

Patients have a wealth of options when it comes to the filling material, but we’ll be focusing on the popular types: 

1. Composite Fillings 

Made from a mixture of resin and plastic, composite fillings rise on top as the perennial favorite thanks to its ability to mimic the natural color of a person’s existing teeth. It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it’s a go-to choice for patients suffering from minor cavities or chipped teeth. 

It comes short on its durability level and is easy to stain, so it’s not the ideal choice for filling large gaps as it can wear down with time. Another drawback is that composite fillings typically have a life span between five to ten years. 

2. Silver Amalgam Fillings 

Another popular choice is silver amalgam filling, which is made using 50 percent silver, tin, zinc, copper, and another 50 percent mercury. It’s easily the most accessible form of dental filling thanks to its budget-friendly cost and better longevity, which can reach 12 years or more. 

It’s also a great choice for filling teeth that take the brunt of your chewing thanks to its unprecedented durability and strength. This makes it the right pick for the tooth on highly visible areas of the mouth, though the dark color makes it less desirable in terms of its aesthetic looks. 

3. Gold Fillings 

Gold fillings are a rarer choice since it often comes with a steep price, but it offers more value than pure aesthetics since it is one of the most durable and long-lasting choices. The ADA agrees that it’s an effective dental filling since it can withstand years of heavy chewing, while the material itself has little-to-no risks of corroding in all its 20-year lifespan. 

The Bottom Line: Choosing the Best Dental Filling For You  

Dental fillings are a common procedure reserved for preventive dental care, though it can also serve aesthetic dentistry beyond its intended, restorative purpose. There are more types to choose from now that modern technology paves the way for new inventions, but the list above explores the timeless classics that will not fail your smile. 

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