Our Ultimate Pandemic-Safe Dental Routine Tips for Your Kids

Our Ultimate Pandemic-Safe Dental Routine Tips for Your Kids

Being in the middle of a global pandemic has made us more mindful of our hygiene. Since the virus can be transmitted through the air, person-to-person contact, and touching contaminated surfaces, we should be extra careful and stay virus-free by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and levelling up our personal hygiene.

Since we’re living through an incredibly critical time, one of the best things we could do is limit the spread of the infection by taking care of ourselves. For children, we must teach them to stay clean and be mindful of how they are outdoors. Besides that, they should prioritize their dental routine during this pandemic.

The reason your kids need to focus on better oral hygiene is that everyone is practicing social distancing. Since we’re practicing social distancing, going out and heading to your dental clinic may be quite dangerous because you’re exposing yourself, your kids, and your dentist to the virus. This is why you need to prevent any dental problems from happening while we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

If you want to change up your kid’s dental routine, keep reading. Here are some dentist-approved, pandemic-safe dental routine tips for your kids. Let’s get to it!

Set a good example for your kids

Kids will always look up to their parents and model their behaviours. Because of that, you must show them proper dental hygiene to copy and do it themselves. 

When you’re showing them proper dental hygiene practices, make sure you don’t miss out on the basic and essential techniques and advice. For example, brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes and to angle your brush at 45 degrees to help remove plaque from your teeth. With that, show them a teeth cleaning system that will enable them to brush all surfaces of their teeth. 

Teach them how to floss

Because bacteria can build up in parts of your kid’s mouth that regular tooth brushing can’t get, you must teach them how to floss. 

There are two ways to teach your kids how to floss: using a threader or an electric water-flosser. For the threader, teach them to drag the floss right through the spaces in a side to side motion, instead of up and down. As for the electric water-flosser, teach them to target the device between the gaps of their teeth to remove the gunk.

You can also let them try interdental brushes, which are small toothpick-sized devices covered in bristles to remove excess gunk. 

Begin dental hygiene habits at an early age

The trick to teaching your kids excellent oral hygiene is by starting at an early age. When kids grow up used to brushing their teeth and flossing, they develop a lifelong oral habit that will benefit them in the long run.

With an early dental hygiene routine, you’ll be able to prevent severe infection and the need to head out to the dentist during this pandemic. 

Start eating healthy

Most kids suffer from dental issues because of the food and drinks they consume, and because of that, you should start minding their eating habits. Kids who eat healthy food, such as whole grain and vegetables, will most likely prevent any dental issues. On the other hand, those who eat desserts and sugary foods are most likely to have dental problems. 

Begin by cutting down the sugary and refined starchy foods in your pantry. Instead, substitute them with sugar-free alternatives, which are healthy and will keep their teeth safe from decay and cavities. 


Since one of COVID-19’s protocols is to practice social distancing, it’s crucial more than ever to have good oral hygiene, especially for your kids. Focus on helping develop a dental routine that will keep their dental health in check.

If you’re having problems teaching them proper oral hygiene, it’s best to give your dentist at Nasser Dentistry a call and ask for dental advice that will help you and your kids during this global pandemic.

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