5 Common Causes of Gum Disease and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Causes of Gum Disease and How to Avoid Them

Are you experiencing swollen or puffy gums? If you are, you may be dealing with a gum disease known as gingivitis. This condition may also worsen into periodontitis, a serious infection that can damage the healthy tissue in your mouth.

Regardless of what condition you might have, make it a point to visit your dentist right away, as swollen gums are a sign that something is wrong. That said, if you are not experiencing any swelling just yet and want to make sure to avoid these problems, it pays to know what causes them in the first place. 

Here are a few reasons your gums may swell or puff.

1. Medication

Swollen gums can be a side-effect of certain medications. These drugs can reduce saliva production, leaving your mouth dry and promoting bacterial growth. This can lead to infections in your gums that develop into the diseases mentioned earlier. If you are worried about your medication causing dry mouth, remember to raise your concerns when talking with your doctor.

2. Tobacco

Tobacco can interfere with the function of your gums, whether you chew it or smoke it. This is because tobacco can irritate your gums and cause them to loosen around your teeth. This irritation can cause gaps to develop, which can easily be attacked by bacteria and eventually lead to gum disease. With that in mind, avoid taking in tobacco if possible, if not for your gums, then for your overall health.

3. Plaque

Plaque is the main cause of gum disease. This is because plaque consists of bacteria that can cling to your gums and teeth. It is removed by daily brushing and flossing, but it can slowly build if you do not practice good oral hygiene. The more it builds up, the likelier your gums will get infected and start to swell. By that point, you may already be facing gum disease.

4. Genetics

If your family has had a history of gum disease, you are likely at a high risk of developing it as well. If this is the case, consult your dentist about it. That way, you can receive the extra care you need to reduce the likelihood.

5. Deficiency

A lack of certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, can greatly impact your gum’s health. This type of deficiency can leave your gums dangerously vulnerable to gum disease, so take supplements or make changes to your diet if necessary.


While some of the above causes of gum diseases are unavoidable, such as your genes, there are many other ways you can strengthen your gum’s health to keep it disease-free. By eating enough vitamin C and adopting good oral-cleaning habits, you can ensure that your mouth stays clean and healthy. That way, you can protect yourself from the risk of developing gingivitis, periodontitis, and other similar conditions.

If you are dealing with inflamed gums right now, do not hesitate to schedule a visit with your dentist. The faster you have the problem addressed, the likelier it is you will avoid the disease entirely.

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