3 Types of Common Tooth Pain & and What They Each Mean

3 Types of Common Tooth Pain & and What They Each Mean

Compared to other parts of our bodies and the systems that they comprise, the mouth is one of the most confusing and delicate parts of all because of its intricacies, especially when it comes to tooth pains. 

At Nasser Dentistry, we see a handful of clients each day who come to us searching for answers concerning the degree of pain they experience with their teeth. Regardless if it’s a type of pain that stems from chewing, biting, gnawing, or sipping, any type of discomfort or agitation in the chompers is worth worrying about. 

What is tooth pain?

Tooth pain is a fairly common experience that most, if not all, humans face at some point in their lives. Much like any other kind of condition, tooth pain can persist as soon as it comes about or comes intermittently, with some episodes being less severe than others. Each example of this sensation—sans frequency or severity—will always urge you to have a check-up to see what’s going on because inaction or complacency can cause even more severe problems. 

The different kinds of tooth pain and what conditions they’re linked to

Tooth pain is a unique condition or experience that shouldn’t be taken lightly because it can be linked to many causes that require various treatment methods. In fact, some forms of pain are so distinct that you can quickly figure out what’s going on and avoid any errors in treatment along the way! 

If you’re starting to feel or experience some pain in your teeth but can’t manage to explain what’s going on, here’s a guide to the common sensations and what they signify: 

Pain #1: A soreness that makes it uncomfortable to bite 

One of the most common types of teeth pain (or discomfort) that people experience is a type of soreness that pops up every time one bites or normally closes their mouth. For the most part, this pain is attributed to the presence of misaligned teeth, which is a common issue caused by wear and pressure that can be gradually fixed over time. 

Pain #2: A type of pain that radiates from the teeth to the jaw and neck muscles

Although it isn’t as common as other types of dental pain that you might experience, having a degree of pain that radiates and moves from the teeth to the jaw and neck is a pressing matter that should be solved right away. Tooth grinding is often associated with this type of pain because of the accelerated wear and pressure that takes place, causing serious disturbances!

Pain #3: A type of pain that pulsates and radiates through the jaw

Often coupled with swollen gums that are painful in certain spots and sensitive to the touch, this type of pain is mostly associated with experiences of tooth abscesses that come about when the surrounding tissue of a tooth is infected. If you begin to feel this type of sensation in your mouth, make sure to call Nasser Dentistry right away because the problem can immediately worsen if you aren’t careful! 


Among the different types of discomfort or sensations that the human body can experience, the most painful and complicated, yet common one of the bunch is tooth pain. If you’re starting to feel any one of the three kinds of pain mentioned above (or all of them), it is crucial to get the necessary treatment right away so that you don’t end up running into unwanted complications! 

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