FAQs: How to Deal with Your Child’s Loose Tooth Properly

FAQs: How to Deal with Your Child’s Loose Tooth Properly

Losing your child’s baby tooth is a milestone that marks their growth and development. It can be exciting for you as a parent, but it can be scary and stressful for your little one. A wiggly tooth or a gap where their tooth fell out can upset or confuse them. When this happens, reassure them that it is completely normal, there is nothing to worry about, and everyone loses their baby teeth.

If you are concerned about dealing with your child’s loose teeth, our dentists in Markham compiled some of the frequently asked questions about this issue Read our answers below for your guidance.

When Will My Child Lose Baby Teeth?

Expect your child to lose their first set of teeth around age 6 or 7. Usually, the first teeth to fall out are the lower front teeth and then the upper front teeth. It can take up to several weeks to fall out once they start to loosen, and it takes place when your baby’s permanent teeth have started to push the baby teeth out of their sockets.

Can I Pull the Tooth Out?

Don’t try to rip out your child’s loose baby tooth by force. Doing so can cause unnecessary pain, especially since your little one has sensitive roots. While it can be wiggled, it is best to avoid pulling it out. 

Let the process happen naturally as long as you don’t see any signs of swelling around your child’s gums. Don’t forget to visit the dentist regularly and look out for signs of infection and other dental problems.

What Happens after the Tooth Fell Out?

Some bleeding and tingling are expected after your child’s loose tooth comes out. Make sure to ease your little one’s fears and assure them that the pain and blood will end quickly. Let them rinse their mouth with water and place a damp towel in their mouth to help stop the bleeding. 

If the pain persists, consider letting your child take an over-the-counter anesthetic. You can also consult our dentists. We specialize in dentistry for children in Markham, which means we are equipped with the knowledge, skills, tools, and experience to alleviate your little one’s pain and keep them as comfortable as possible.

When Will My Child’s Permanent Teeth Come In?

Your child’s permanent teeth will start to come in within a few weeks after their baby teeth fell out. It will take a few months for them to fully grow. Meanwhile, if you notice that the new tooth is crooked or discolored, reach out to our trusted dentists right away.

What If My Child’s Tooth Is Loose from an Injury?

Not all loose teeth are caused by the natural process of losing baby teeth. When your child gets injured and their tooth gets loose from falling, head to our reputable dental clinic as soon as possible. Your little one’s dentist will check the stability of the baby tooth and make sure there is no damage or infection to the permanent tooth. 


Losing baby teeth is a big rite of passage for you and your child. Before getting carried away by the excitement of your little one growing up, remember the important details stated above and don’t hesitate to call a reliable dentist immediately for dental concerns. 

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