Dos and Don’ts on Eating After Dental Implant Surgery

Dos and Don’ts on Eating After Dental Implant Surgery

After experiencing a dental implant surgery, you will be undergoing a strict diet to speed up the healing process and allow the implants to combine with your jawbone better. While your dental implants are applied so you can enjoy all the food you want in the future, during recovery, you’re required to avoid specific types of food—at least for the next few weeks.  

Your dentist will ask you to stick to a restrictive post-surgery diet to prevent the operation from failing and causing you unwanted pain and stress. If you want to know the dos and don’ts on eating after dental implant surgery, keep reading below.

Do: Eat Soft Food

As soon as your dental implant surgery is over, you should expect your entire mouth, including your teeth and jaw, to feel extremely fragile. In the meantime, you should incorporate a soft food diet for the next twenty-four hours following the procedure.   

You can consider drinking smoothies and eating liquid food (soups and sauces) to avoid affecting your new implants. You can also eat cold food, like ice cream and cold soup, to make you feel fuller. Remember that when you have a beverage, avoid using a straw because it can place unwanted pressure on your implants and slow down your recovery.

Do: Eat Food Rich in Protein

During your healing period, as your jaw starts to heal and you start feeling better than before, you can begin eating solid food again—albeit at a slow pace. Eating food packed with protein and other nutrients can assist in improving your recovery.

You can consider eating dairy, for calcium; egg, regardless of how it’s cooked; and potatoes, due to its array of cooking preps available, including mashed, fried, and roasted. You can also incorporate soft meat, such as chicken, fish, and ground beef, back into your regular diet. 

Don’t: Eat Solid Food

After your dental implant surgery, you will be ordered by your dentist to cut back from eating food that is hard to chew and break down because it can greatly impact your recovery. Solid food involves meat, raw vegetables, and fruits. 

You should also avoid eating crunchy food, like popcorn, chips, and biscuits, because they can get stuck in between your teeth, hurt your new implants, and affect your healing process. 

Don’t: Eat Chewy Food

You’re also not supposed to be eating food that will have you chewing for a while just to consume your food thoroughly. Chewy food includes candies, baked goods, chocolates, and cereal.

In addition, you should also avoid eating food like caramel and toffee because they can stick to your teeth or your new dental implants, ruining your chances of achieving steady recovery. On the off-chance that you forget and get food stuck on your teeth, then you will need to pay another visit to a dentist near you to get it fixed up.

Don’t: Eat Spicy Food

Spicy food should also be on your list of food to avoid after a dental implant surgery because it can aggravate your recovery and cause discomfort in the newly treated area. As such, avoid hot peppers, salsa, and all kinds of food infused with spices to remain on the safe side.

Similar to spicy food that makes you feel like you’re burning, you should also avoid eating hot food and liquids because it can also affect your implants. As much as possible, stay away from hot coffee and soup, as these can cause more damage and hurt your gums more than you might think.


It’s essential to know the appropriate steps to take after dental implant surgery, including the kind of diet you’ll be undertaking for the next few weeks. Doing so will improve your chances of healing faster, allowing you to enjoy your new smile and start eating whatever you want much sooner!

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