Dental Tips to Keep in Mind for the Upcoming Holidays

Dental Tips to Keep in Mind for the Upcoming Holidays

The holidays are coming up quite soon, and alongside that is an absolute smorgasbord of food and delicacies you’ve been dreaming of all year. There is no doubt that your taste buds are ready and planning to make the most of every bite. In the meantime, your gums and teeth are in the exact opposite mode. There is an onslaught forthcoming, and the dread is real.

Luckily, there are several steps you can take in order to fully enjoy the holidays without compromising your bright, white grin or your gums and teeth’s health.

Here are dental tips to keep in mind for the upcoming holidays:

Eat Foods That Are Good for Your Dental Health

The holidays are an instant opportunity to reunite with family and friends, mix and mingle, as well as eat and drink. It is a great time to give yourself permission to splurge a little to enjoy the decadence which only comes around once a year. 

However, as any dentist in Markham will tell you, it is key to balance all of that out with whole grains alongside crunchy vegetables and fruits. A particularly great choice is carrots!

Avoid Foods That Are Essentially Big No-Nos for Your Teeth

Children’s dentistry professionals in Markham will appreciate the avoidance of chewy, gummy, hard, sticky, and sugary foods. However, so will your own dentist, as this advice also applies to adults. These types of food may be absolutely delicious and delightful, but they are some of the worst things for your gums and teeth. This includes candy canes, chestnuts, soft mint chews, and other standard holiday staples. It will also be incredibly helpful to keep from chewing on ice cubes for whatever reason.

It is completely understandable to have extreme difficulty in saying no to these annual treats. Try to replace the image of a candy cane or peppermint cookie with the image of a hefty dental bill instead. That will hopefully help curb your cravings as you search for a new alternative.

Don’t Deviate From Your Usual Oral Health Routine

Sometimes, in the holidays’ hustle and bustle, it can be tempting to skip certain things. In the case of your dental health, you shouldn’t include brushing your teeth or flossing on that list. While spending time doing those things plus gargling mouthwash may not seem fun compared to the rest of your holiday, you will be doing your gums and teeth a huge favour.

Always Drink Water

By default, drinking water has a wide range of benefits. This is especially true during the holiday season, when you are more out and about than you are for the rest of the year. Aside from keeping yourself hydrated, it can keep your skin looking fresh. It can also freshen your breath and aid in digestion as well as elimination later on. Water is also quite filling, which can possibly save you from having to add the word ‘diet’ to your vocabulary and to-do list for the new year.


The holidays are an incredible time to relax, unwind, and have fun. Make sure that you are able to celebrate in the best possible state you can be, all the way to your teeth. After all, running into dental problems will certainly put a hamper on your holiday. Be sure to schedule a post-holiday check-up and cleaning with your dentist to maintain your bright smile.

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