Dental Appointments Amid COVID-19—What to Expect

Dental Appointments Amid COVID-19—What to Expect

The global health crisis brought about by SARS-CoV-2 has changed every aspect of our life in a span of a few months. Since the virus is easily transmissible when an infected person talks, sneezes, or coughs, large social gatherings have been prohibited and physical operations of businesses and organizations have been closed down. 

Dental services had also been ordered to stop operations during the earlier part of this year because the dental setting is particularly susceptible to the transmission of the virus. 

However, as social distancing guidelines are starting to relax across the world, operations are slowly reopening, and Ontario dentists are also taking the necessary steps to resume their operations without putting the staff or patients at risk. 

Dental Appointments During the New Normal 

Going back to the dentist amid this pandemic will not be like what you were used to pre-COVID-19. Expect that there will be fewer staff members, additional sanitary measures, and your dentists wearing PPEs. 

Markham Dental Clinic, along with other dental offices in Ontario, must meet all of the safety guidelines set by the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO). Given the risky setting where dentists are only a few inches away from a patient’s mouth, these guidelines are enforced to ensure the health and safety of both dentists, dental hygienists and their patients. 

While your dentists are working hard to adapt to the current situation and put the required safety protocols in place, however, this could take some time—meaning that they can only reopen in stages. Considering this, it’s best to practice patience and stay informed and updated about your dentist’s next moves. 

How Will My Dental Appointment Be Different From the Usual? 

Dental appointments at Markham Dental Group will be spaced out to avoid having too many patients in the office at the same time. Moreover, you can expect more rigorous safety measures the next time you set foot in your dentist’s office—your temperature may be taken with a non-contact thermometer before you enter, and once you’re inside, you may be asked to wear your mask. You may also be given foot socks and a disposable apron to further avoid transmission of the virus. 

You will also notice that the dental staff attending to you are wearing more protective gear than the usual. Moreover, the chairs at the waiting room will be spaced at least two metres apart as part of their efforts to uphold physical distancing measures.

Is It Safe to Visit Your Dentist During the Pandemic? 

Dentists will open their office only after they have followed the strict procedures and guidelines mandated by the RCDSO. That said, you can rest assured that they can provide you with the dental care you need, while also making your health and safety their top priority. 

Additionally, you also have a part to play during your trip to the dentist—and every time you go out, for that matter. Practice social distancing, avoid holding commonly touched surfaces in public places, bring alcohol or sanitizer with you, and wear your masks properly. 

How Can I Prepare For My Next Dental Appointment? 

Your main responsibility is to maintain your dental care and hygiene, like the usual! Pandemic or none, remember to brush your teeth and floss every day. Moreover, eat a healthy diet and have foods and drinks that are rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients to boost the growth of your teeth. 

Lastly, manage your stress levels and incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Although we are confined to our homes and are facing an overwhelming health crisis, you must take care of your body and improve your immune system.  


The unique characteristics of dental practice call for unique and extra caution during this time. Since your dental needs did not pause as the world did, dentists and dental organizations are working hand-in-hand to resume practice without putting you or your community at risk. 

If you are looking for the best dentist in Markham who prioritizes your safety during these uncertain times, we’re the ones for you! Our multilingual staff at Markham Dental Clinic take extra precautions to ensure our office is a safe environment for our patients and staff. Book an appointment today!